Astrodeck - 45º To Vert Tailpad - Multi

Astrodeck Traction - The Original & Best!

Well, check this out. Pretty sweet, huh? Now it's a known fact that Astrodeck has always begged to differ from those lesser quality traction pads associated with those lame copycat companies; they've always been known to put quality before trends.

And they've always stated that function comes before fashion. It's always been about the multi-gridlock and 45 degree to vert! But in this case, both function and fashion come into equation, so while you've still got the high-quality that will help propel your surfing to the next level.

There's also a sick style and edge to the 45º To Vert Tailpad for those of you who think it's a big deal to match the color of your tail pad with your swim trunks. Hey, we're not hating. Enjoy your surf.

Colour - Multi
Pieces - 3
Arch - Built-In
Kick - 45 Degree to Vert Kick


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