Astrodeck - KoloheTailpad - White

Astrodeck Traction - The Original & Best!

We're calling this one the Kolohe White. Kolohe Andino helped Herbie design it himself. This traction pad is flat with no arch - 'cause that's how Kolohe rides 'em, and Kolohe is a beast! There are multi-holes for maximum suction and 45 degree to vert kicktail for those of you who aren't afraid to bust out and test your limits.

This Astrodeck pad is two inches larger than our other pads, and you know what they say: the bigger the better! (If you dig the Kolohe White, check out the Kolohe Black!)

Colour - White & Black
Pieces - 3
Arch - Flat
Kick - 45 Degree to Vert Kick

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