Astrodeck Sandals - South Beach

Astrodeck Traction - The Original & Best!

How sweet are these? The Astrodeck South Beach MG8 multi-grid EVA sandal with leather strap in rasta colors. A commotion of colors! These sandals are so sick. They feel soft to the touch and are the most comfortable things ever.

At the same time, they're all about keeping your feet on track and not slipping and falling. You know you've all been there...when you're washing your car and it gets slippery and you fall flat on your ass and everyone in the neighborhood is laughing at you, kids pointing at you, dogs barking at you. A total disaster. Well, you can avoid that with these sandals 'cause they're all grip, no slip.

Color: Rasta
EVA art strap designed by Herbie Fletcher
Printed tubular closed cell art strap
Multi-grid EVA foot bedding
Built-in Arch
Dries quickly to heighten comfort level

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