Carver Skateboards - C2.4 Truck

The Carver 6.5" C2.4 is brand new for 2013. We’ve been busy making improvements to all our trucks, and this staple of the line is no exception. This SKP (Standard King Pin) style of truck is the rear truck to both our CX and C7 front trucks.

2 7/8” tall
6.5” hanger with a 9” axle
55’ top conical bushing, .65” bottom barrel bushing. Stock 89a durometer for easy pumping, optional 95a durometer set available separately for firmer rail-to-rail.
2 ½” kingpin
.7” OD x ½” ID pivot cup
Drilled to new and old school mounting patterns
Sand cast 356 aluminum alloy, heat-treated to Rockwell T6
Made in the USA

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