Carver Skateboards - 30.5" Prisma - CX Complete


The Swedish architect Sven Markelius was known for his spare geometric forms, often playing with repeating patterns and asymmetric compositions, so it’s no surprise that he found the inspiration for his ‘Pythagoras’ textiles in the work of the namesake Greek mathematician known for his equations describing triangular forms.

Stacking fields of multi-hued triangles with areas of open framework reminiscent of windows, these patterns create a prism-like field of color that simultaneously reveals the material behind it. Featuring templates drawn from the progressive fringes of surfboard design, these models embrace the future while remembering the past, pulling back the curtain on what lies ahead.

This double-diamond template puts more wood under your feet for a deeper heel-and-toe concave with more power transfer, while the mid-length wheelbase splits the difference between snappy and stable.

Comes set-up with 6.5" CX.4 front truck and C2 rear truck.


  • 9 1/2" wide 
  • 17 1/2" wheelbase

      Carver recommended wheels - 69mm/78A Smoke Concaves.


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