Carver Skateboards - 32" Glass Off - Deck Only


The 1970s was on fire for innovation, setting the tone for what surfing would become for decades. Somewhere along the way we settled on the competition thruster for our main board, but as we now explore new sensations and mine the past for forgotten gems, we're dusting off those experimental boards and rediscovering lines we'd all but forgotten about.

It was also an era when custom airbrushing made each board a unique work of art, a one-of-a-kind hot rod for the ocean. With this series we are introducing a clear sugarcoat grip that showcases airbrushed art for a full colour experience under your feet.

As the sun sets under fiery clouds, glassy orange tubes roll in as you take this mid length diamond tail out for a pm session. The longer wheelbase draws out your lines and smooths out your flow.


  • 9 7/8" wide 
  • 17 5/8" wheelbase

    Comes complete with griptape.


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