Catch Surf - Airglide Surfboard - 5'8''

Designed by Tom Morey for Catch Surf. Made in San Clemente, CA, U.S.A.

Size - 5'8" x 20.000" x 2.625" (33.9 litres)

The Airglide has a deep concave entry-scoop to reduce drag for more speed and release off the wave for airs. It packs a lot of design in one small, compact package.

Designed to ride small, the Airglide works like magic in knee- to head-high surf and can be ridden up to 8” shorter than your shortboard!

Fin set up - FCS (comes without fins).


Deep single concave to double with vee out the tail.
Flatter center-line rocker with more aggressive rail rocker.
Flat, full deck that foils to performance rail.
Foam concentrated under chest for better paddling.
“Heater” rear rail for more drive.
Designed by Tom Morey.
Made with love in San Clemente, CA , U.S.A.

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