Catch Surf - The One


The ONE fuses two types of riding: finless surfing and skimboarding; creating a surf-style more in-line with skateboarding. Spins, slides, shove-its, big-spins, airs, etc.

The ONE is ahead of its time and is for those seeking to progress beyond normal surfing. 

Dimensions: 4'6" (54”) x 20" x 2 3/8"

The skateboard of surfboards! 2 boards in 1: finless surfboard and skimboard.


Dual-composite core with triple (x3) maple stringers.
Harder, more durable bottom skin for skimming.
Afterburner™ rear rails for finless performance.
Old-school 8lb PE deck and rails for durability.
Requires surf wax for grip.
Traction pad recommended.
Designed in California by Catch Surf.

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