Hydroflex Skateboards - The Crilla - Yellow


SIZE: 24" X 6.5"



NB: The deck can come gripped or un-gripped with clear griptape. If you chose the gripped version, we can also apply the grip for you or leave you to apply in your own design.

The Crilla is a micro cruiser that fits in your backpack. It has a square kicktail that allows you to carve around, to do tricks and to ollie up and down the sidewalks. A little concave allows you to do even 360 flips and whatever you want to do. It also has the perfect fit to cruise around your campus, together with your friends to the beach, through traffic, on parking lots and even great for travelling.

PATENTED 3D-Glassing TM:

The 3D-Glassing™ Technology, connects both sides of the skateboard deck through its core. Our decks are built with foam, fiber and resin – just like a surfboard. One of the coolest and most intriguing elements of our skateboards is the unique deck - a signature honeycomb pattern enhanced with 10 different radiating and customizable colors that evoke an eye catching.


All decks feature reinforcements around the rails that help with impact forces. They also feature integrated tail and nose guards that help against nose and tail wear. The large guards are made from a solid 2-part urethane hard plastic. The breaking strength of our boards is equal to or better than a wood deck. All skate decks are built with a closed cell high density PET foam, triaxial fiberglass and high quality epoxy resin.


  • Unique honeycomb design and colors
  • No damage when you skate in the rain
  • Integrated tail & nose protector
  • Torsional stiffness
  • Superior responsiveness & more pop

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