Slyde Handboards - Bula - Drip

THE BULA DRIP. Born at panics and brought up on meals of fast powerful shore break. The drip is the infamous Bula shape, the most advanced and performance driven handboard on the market, designed and tested by the best Hawaiian handboarders and shaped by the legendary Kaha Nalu Hawaii founder, Sean Enoka.


Materials: Epoxy, urethane, fiberglass and 3mm Flak Jacket high tensile laminate over grade A carbon fibre.

Weight : 422gm / 14oz with strap.

Dimensions: 11.77in / 29.89cm X 7.24in / 18.38cm.

Overall: What sets the Hawaiian Bula shape apart from other boards is the incredible concave that is designed to shred steep, fast, shore-break.

Wave Size: Excels in anything over 3+ feet.

Skill Level: Intermediate+ The sharp, crisp rails cut effortlessly through a punchy shorebreak and handles perfectly down a vertical take off. This handboard is for the elite bodysurfer looking to take their waves to the next level.

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