Slyde Handboards x Hydroflex - HexFlex - Starburst

Yellow is the new Black. Rydes hard, slyde's tough perfect for getting into that hollow shorebreak you've been eyeing out. No time to stop and smell the flowers with the hexflex Starburst, you will be going max speed down the line with this bright yellow speed machine.

Slyde Handboards has teamed up with Hydroflex to bring you the Slyde HexFlex using Hydroflex patentented 3D glassing technology. Made right here in Ocean side California with crisp rails awesome concave and colors that will make you want to eat them..... think Candy for waves!


Materials: Epoxy, 3D glassing , Triaxial fiberglass, High density PET foam

Weight : 300 Grams/ 10.5 OZ

Dimensions: 11.75” X 7.5” at its widest point

We are boundary pushers, open-minded sunburnt lovers of fun. We love the odd and applaud the alternative. We love doing things different and against the grain! As it turns out, our handboards aren’t handboards at all; they’re auxiliary weapons of anti-boredom. Bodysurfing for a new generation. Handboards and Handplanes so Fast you'll be Barreled like a Super Hero!


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