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Gullwing Trucks - 9" Sidewinder Truck Set - Lime

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Sold as a pair.

It's been more than a decade now, that Gullwing started to develop the Sidewinder Truck in partnership with Sector 9. The result is a surf skate truck that is capable to turn a piece of wood into a sidewalk-surfing-mega-fun machine!
Coming from a standard truck concept, the Sidewinder features an unique geometry of angles and pivots, and adds a second bushing on each truck. Yes, you ride the same truck on the front and on the back of the board... and it allows some pretty cool feature: 

  • Progressive turning and carving
  • Amazing surfing feeling
  • High precision in keeping the turning radius while carving
  • Improved stability on straight lines
  • It is suited for drop through boards
  • It is a symmetrical system, so you can ride your board both ways
  • All turning radius are suited: from the tightest you can draw to the largest you want to follow!

NB - Do not come with fixing hardware/risers.

TYPE - Conventional Double Stack Carving
SIZE - 9.0” (161mm)
GEOMETRY - Double Stacked Conventional
BUSHINGS - 89A Cone & Barrel Combo

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