Sunset Skateboards - 22" Chrome - Silver - The Mysto Spot
Sunset Skateboards - 22" Chrome - Silver - The Mysto Spot
Sunset Skateboards

Sunset Skateboards - 22" Chrome - Silver

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Deck colour - Chrome Silver
Deck size - 22"

Wheel colour - Blue
Wheel size - 59mm x 45mm
Wheel hardness - 78a

Truck size - 3"
Bearings - ABEC 9


Beautiful, yet functional.. The Sunset crystal clear polycarbonate (PC) deck gives you the ultimate view of your terrain while allowing your Flare LED Wheels to brilliantly shine through and refract light. Stylish both day and night the decks are designed to perform and impress 24-7. High strength Polycarbonate provides beautiful crystal clear transparency while giving the perfect amount of flexibility, weight, and durability. Ultra-clear Polycarbonate is the same material commonly used in bullet-proof glass and our unique proprietary resin has the latest UV inhibitors for extended life outdoors.


Stand out and be seen 24-7 with our signature Flare LED wheels. Four ultra-bright LEDs illuminate the wheel’s crystal clear PU bringing your Sunset skateboard to life day or night. Our Flare LED Wheels offer the brightest LEDs in the industry and have the capacity to glow for a staggering 100,000 hours. Batteries... NOT! Our LED wheels self power off the spinning motion of the wheel therefore no batteries are ever required. Each Sunset Flare wheel is cast in high quality clear 78a Polyurethane (PU) for that super smooth cruiser ride you are used to. Each wheel is embossed with our original Sunset Flare logo.


Made with completely custom molds at one of the Skateboard industries top truck factories our 3” aluminum signature trucks are ready for action. High-strength, aircraft-grade aluminum hanger and base-plate provide ultimate strength and durability. High-end, Sunset Orange Cruiser bushings allow for responsive yet relaxed and cushioned turn control.

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